May 2021

Spain drops street speed to 30kph

Spain has joined the growing list of nations that are dropping speeds in urban streets to 30kph or equivalent in a bid to decrease the road toll and make local streets attractive for people on foot and bike.

Have you been sent a Southbank summons?

Members and bike riders who were charged on summons by Victoria Police during the Southbank Promenade blitz in February and March are being asked to get in touch with Bicycle Network.

Yarra Trail disruptions in CBD

A section of path along the Yarra River north bank through the city is to be reconstructed, resulting in disruptions to riders and walkers who use the area.

State Roads Cycling Priority Project Update

The Tasmanian Government has completed the first of several cycling projects alongside Goodwood Road in Glenorchy as part of its $6 million state roads cycling priorities program.

A vanilla budget for bikes

Today’s Victorian State Budget is a vanilla budget for active transport, giving a small taste of the transformative change to transport the state needs.
Substation works on Laurens Street

Substation works on Laurens Street

Riders along Laurens Street in North Melbourne will encounter minor disruption to the route in coming weeks as CitiPower decommissions an old zone substation.
Eyes reveal drowsy drivers’ secrets

Eyes reveal drowsy drivers’ secrets

Research continues in Victoria into technology that can identify driver fatigue with a roadside test, with new trials are underway utilising pupil scanning.
Canning Street

Have you caught the green wave?

Riders on the busy Canning Street route into Melbourne’s CBD from the north may have noticed you've had the luck of the traffic lights lately. Thank the Department of Transport!
Female ride2work

Both exercise and diet matter

For years debate has pitted healthy lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise against one another in a battle of relative importance. Turns out they work best together!
Getting rid of our elderly trucks

Getting rid of our elderly trucks

Australia and New Zealand's old truck fleets are causing around $200 million in annual pollution-related health costs, according to a new government study.
Giant monsters bike sale numbers

Giant monsters bike sale numbers

Massive Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer Giant has reported huge sales revenue from e-bikes and standard bikes for the first quarter of this year.
Bulleen Road detour

Bulleen Road detour

Riders on Bulleen Road at the playing fields precinct will take a tour through the Bulleen back blocks for the next six months due to North East Link works.
Green bridge West End brisbane

Locals back two new West End bike bridges

A major consultation of the local community has helped decide the location for two new green bridges to West End in Brisbane, with "Option A" proving favourable for both projects.
cycling adelaide cbd

$3M bike grant gets redirected in Adelaide

$3 million of state government funding for the east-west city bikeway that was scrapped earlier this year will be redirected to other bike riding projects in Adelaide CBD.
Contract signed for new Craigieburn link.

Contract signed for new Craigieburn link

A major new bike route will be created this year to service Melbourne’s growing outer northern suburbs with new off-road bike paths planned alongside Craigieburn Road.

UTAS releases Hobart campuses master plan

The University of Tasmania has released its vision for what its Hobart city move will look like, and supporting bike riders with end-of-trip facilities and funding for bike lanes is part of it.

Ride2Uni kicks off in Tasmania

The University of Tasmania and Bicycle Network have banded together to develop a riding confidence program that aims to get more staff and students commuting more often.

Tassie Bike News Bites

Safety measures on the Tasman Bridge, comments on new crossing at Molle and Collins streets, separated cycleways trial approved, Huonville Bike Collective Open Day and another delay for the North East Rail Trail feature in this edition of Tassie Bike News Bites.

Quiet end to busy autumn of social rides

The colder weather sometimes dulls the enthusiasm for getting out on the bike, but we’ve still got a few rides on offer to end autumn and look toward the winter months.

New trails confirmed for Caulfield

Ambitious plans for the future transformation of the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve envisage the provision of new bike trail around and within the vast reserve.
Inkerman Street

Inkerman corridor gets double boost

Design development on the much anticipated strategic cycling corridor along Inkerman Street from Caulfield to St Kilda has gained momentum again.
Wollongong bike city

I love a bike city because…

Wollongong City Council is asking young people to share what they love about bike riding as part of the "I love Wollongong because..." campaign.
O’Keefe Street Velobridge Brisbane

Brisbane’s latest bike bridge

Brisbane plan to add a bike bridge at Woolloongabba to complement the Veloway 1 cycleway and connect the gaps in the city's growing commuter bike network.
West Kernow Way

Mammoth new Cornish cycle route announced

With millions of Brits buying new bikes in 2020, and the prospect of international travel still a little sketchy in Europe, the new 150-mile Cornish cycle route couldn't come at a better time.
Mernda rail trail interruptions

Mernda rail trail interruptions

Riders on the Mernda rail trail may notice vehicles on the trail on some occasions during next month as the Metro Tunnel Project conducts critical signal testing.
Two new bike bridges looking for a name

Two new bike bridges looking for a name

Two great new bike bridges over the West Gate Freeway are getting the finishing touches with all the bells and whistles you could ask for... but they need a name!
Biomega Ein trailer

This bike trailer pulls its weight

Danish bike manufacturer Biomega has launched the Ein, a bike trailer that pulls its own weight, intelligently powered with its own motor and battery.

Tassie Bike News Bites

This Bike News Bites covers Hobart MTB news, North East Rail Trail appeal and working bee, Tasmanian bike touring opportunities, Regatta Ground car park work and a potential UTAS bike club.

Hobart’s first separated cycleways get closer

Hobart City Council is due to meet this Monday 10 May to give the final go ahead for a trial of separated cycleways on Campbell Street and short connectors to Argyle Street on Liverpool and Bathurst streets.

Cargo bike childcare drop-offs are a cinch

A criticism of advocating for bicycle transport is that it’s no good for the parents who have to drop off and pick up kids or do the shopping on their way home but the extra strong, longer framed cargo bikes have solved that problem.