Social rides - Tasmania

A man wearing a bright yellow hlemet and blue top rides on a bi-directional separated bike lane in Peltro Street Glenorchy

Social rides help others enjoy riding 

Our social rides have a helping flavour this fortnight with the E-bike Coffee Club ride showing people how to get around Glenorchy, ride leader Brian and others helping Alice build confidence at Kangaroo Bay and the Open House Hobart ride getting a Back on your Bike session to get riders ready to roll. 
A line of bicycles riding down the Intercity Cycleway with a man in a recumbent wearing a yellow jacket and helmet leading the way.

Two rides on offer for Seniors Week

Hobart volunteers are offering two rides for Seniors Week this year, the popular e-bike ride as well as a slower, shorter option for the lower-tech set.
A group of people with bikes stand in a line next to a car park, with some waving at photographer.

Thursday Twilights are back

Daylight Savings starting next month also means the return of TBUG’s Thursday Twilight rides around Launceston’s trails and paths. The 10km ride is an easy re-introduction to riding or just a handy introduction for people new to the city to find their way.
Group of Riders stand in a line in front of Mt Roland.

Find a Tassie group ride

Spring has sprung which prompts many of us to want to shake off winter hibernations and get active again. Riding a bicycle is one of the easiest ways to improve your fitness but do you do it on your own or with a group?
a winding rural road to the right with green fields and small dam in the foreground and coast with water and distant hills in the background.

Take your pick of Tasmanian rides

Our social ride leaders have another great mix of rides on offer this fortnight with location across the south, Tamar Valley, Cressy and Gunns Plains. All rides are free to join and are run by Bicycle Network volunteer ride leaders.
A group of women wearing a variety of colours rides along the Intercity cycleway towards the camera.

Platypuses, peace and women’s health

Special rides to celebrate events including platypus spotting to publicise a citizen science project, a ride as part of the Launceston Peace Festival and a ride to mark Women’s Health Week will be among the list of social rides this fortnight. Kangaroo Bay to Mt Rumney – Sunday 3 September The 22.5km Kangaroo Bay to [...]

Second go at Ulverstone ride trio

The north-west riders are hardy bunch so it’s unusual for them to cancel a ride but last month’s gale-force winds means the three choices out of Ulverstone has been rescheduled to 27 August.
Asphalt off ride path with centre line painted in the foreground with Bowen Bridge crossing over the River Derwent in the background.

Birds and bikes mix in Otago Bay ride

History and nature lovers are catered for in a new ride out to Otago Bay on Thursday 17 August which includes stops at a wrecked barque and bird reserve, and history lovers can get a second dose on the Charles Darwin Trail ride on Saturday 12 August.
A line of bicycle riders extends along a concrete path flanked by grass on the left and a vineyard on the right.

Social Rides spreading far and wide

There’s a good mix of locations for this fortnight’s social rides with Hobart western and eastern shore routes, southern rides in Margate and Cygnet, Ulverstone and the regular Wednesday rides outside of Launceston.
Group of people ride away from the camera on a concrete path towards a road, with the last rider wearing a high vis vest saying Bicycle Tasmania.

Be prepared before a ride

When most of us head out on our bikes we are not expecting the worst to happen, but being prepared for everything can mean you or other riders get access to help if they need it.
Three women sit on bikes on a dirt trail looking out over the water.

Winter warmer rides rolling out

There’s a busy fortnight of free social rides on the way: everything from a slow and friendly 7km amble on Hobart’s eastern shore to the regular 30–50km Wednesday morning TBUG rides which get the heart pumping.
Man wearing yellow high vis jacket rides towards the camera on a concrete path with white dividing lane. Background is grass, with orange bunting flags.

Looking forward to more riding time!

Now we’ve passed the winter solstice we can all look forward to longer days to fit in more riding. We’ve got a mixed bag of rides coming up which is always good because it means there’s something for everyone!
A group of riders wearing brightly coloured jackets on a road towards a mountain range flanked by farmland and fences.

Next few weekends sorted for rides

Take your pick of weekend rides in the coming fortnight, with rides south, east and north of Hobart and the north-west group making a weekend of it in Deloraine. Deloraine is a hub for cycling in the Meander Valley and this time of year is quieter for road riding.
A man wearing a blue tshirt stands on his pedals as he comes through bright yellow and red bollards from a dirt trail to apshalt, with bush on either side and riders behind him.

Plan your winter rides now!

Our social ride leaders are planning well ahead, with rides going up for all of the winter months, providing incentive to get out and about during the colder weather.
A dirt road extends to a mountain in the distance flanked by wattle trees in bloom and grassy verges with a cloudy sky.

Country rides continue through April

Our social ride leaders are continue to get out of town to enjoy autumn via the bike, and the north-west riders are heading out of Wynyard for this month’s ride.
A sandstone bridge with an 1864 date in the middle crosses a river with arched spans and people in the background walking on paths.

Autumn out-of-towner rides

As we get into the beautiful settled autumn weather our social ride leaders are increasingly heading out of town to enjoy the great outdoors via bicycle. For the first time, we’ve also included planned north-west ride locations and dates for the rest of the year so you can mark your diary.
Aerial view of the road bridge and old rail bridge being converted to a shared path across the Forth River.

Ride to check out central coastal pathway work

Our North West Riders group is inviting the community to join it on Sunday 26 March to check out the great work that’s been done on the Central Coast Council’s section of the Coastal Pathway.
A group of women on bikes sit on asphalt path with ship masts and blue sky in the background.

Bike Week rides and beyond

Bike Week is here with its interesting mix of free social rides in Hobart and Launceston – drag out your classic bike, bling your bike with lights, enjoy a lunch on the mountain, unfold your Brompton, or get a dose of history and celebrate International Womens Day! Pipeline Track from Fern tree or Hamlet – [...]
A woman and man stand next to bicycles on a dirt path high on a cliff looking out over a forested valley.

Bike Week rides rolling out in March

Get ready for Bike Week by picking which social ride you’re going to join to celebrate between 5 and 12 March! Take your pick between Launceston and Hobart region rides galore.

North-west riders look to next year

The north-west riders are delivering their last ride of the year out of Forth this month and sitting down to plan next year’s rides and the fortnightly e-bike rides are continuing into January.

Social rides start cycling back

COVID travel restrictions means we’ve had jam-packed summer social ride calendars over the past few years but now that the restrictions have eased we are going back to normal conditions, which means our social rides will start to become fewer in the lead in to Christmas.

Get ready for summer-time cycle touring

Don’t let the rain dampen your cycling plans for summer – come along to the touring and bike-packing show and tell this month and learn more about how to take to the road on two wheels for extended trips. We’ve also worked out some self-guided rides to make your Open House Hobart weekend easier.

Get on your bike & enjoy spring!

We’ve got a stready stream of rides coming through this month and leading into next month. More can be added at any time – you never know when a ride leader is going to be inspired – so keep an eye on the RidewithGPS events listings.

October packed out with social rides

There’s no excuse for not going for a social ride this month, with something for everyone being offered by our volunteer ride leaders across Tasmania.

Get moving in spring with a social ride

The social rides this fortnight are a great mix of longer and shorter rides and include a practice run around the route for the Cygnet Cycling Festival’s family ride on 5 November.

Spring on the horizon with rides a plenty

Our last winter rides and first rides for spring offer something for everyone with a few longer routes, out-of-town rides and dedicated e-bike and women’s rides.

Ride off the beaten track this fortnight

All of our rides this fortnight have some or most of the route utilising gravel roads and paths, reflecting the desire of a lot of riders to enjoy natural places without too many cars around. So get out your treads and wider tyres and enjoy our urban and regional areas. Domain Quadruple Loop – Saturday [...]

Social rides offer new longer, faster options

Our ride leader Logan is offering the Alt-Fondo series of longer, faster rides for people wanting to push their riding stamina and the first is detailed in our social rides round-up.

Celebrate winter with a warming ride

As we head into the winter months there are still plenty of social rides being organised to keep you warm, including a Christmas in June. celebration.

Take me to the river

We’ve got another water themed social rides program over the next fortnight with multiple River Derwent rides in Hobart and a loop around Port Sorell in the north west.

Getting out of town

With winter fast approaching our social ride leaders are making the most of the good weather with a few different ride options, including a long ride to New Norfolk and exploration around Oatlands.

Take me to the April sun in Moonah

There are heaps of social rides this fortnight in all corners of the state to choose from, including a return of a recumbent ride in the north. Get in before the weather turns cooler to enjoy our beautiful autumn weather.

The long and the short of our social rides

There’s an even spread of distances in our social rides this fortnight, with a new longer ride on offer out of Hobart to Brighton and even longer ride from Longford.

As Bike Week tails off, new rides on the way

We’ve still got several Bike Week social rides to go before heading back to our regular social rides agenda, but a Saturday trip to Maria Island is on the cards for anyone who wants to shake up their usual riding.

Bike Week packs out the rides this fortnight

The Bike Week rides are plumping up our usual social rides calendar, so if you can’t find a ride that suits you in the coming fortnight, well, we just don’t know what to do with you!

COVID can’t put the brakes on Bike Week

While the outbreak of the Omicron virus has put a dampener on many events, it can’t put the brakes on Tasmanian Bike Week on 6–13 March because it’s all about getting on your bike and having fun.

Heading high into the hills in February

Lots of our rides this fortnight have a few climbs in them, so cross your fingers that the winds are lying low and head out on your bike to test your knees and thighs, or just take the e-bike!

Check the web before you ride this summer

As the state opens its borders this week and the inevitable entry of COVID-19 to our shores, a reminder to keep you eye on our ride listings in case of cancellations or other changes to rides that may come into force.

Something for everyone this December

From a street mural ride, to one sitting down and Christmas lunch as a destination or just the usual coffee incentive, there’s something for most riders in this fortnight of social rides.

Social rides gearing up for summer

It’s hard to believe that summer is nearly on us, but our social rides leaders are planning ahead with a long list of offerings coming up this month and next.

East vs West – rides that is!

Eastern shore and western shore Hobart rides are the go this fortnight as well as a Cygnet Loop for people wanting to get out of town. Also, check out the upcoming rides at the bottom of the page as our ride leaders are getting in early with some scheduled out to February next year!

Cygnet, Gunns Plains & Hobart rides

The coming fortnight has the usual array of interesting Hobart rides as well as a scenic loop out of Cygnet and through Gunns Plains, both with some decent hill climbs.

Seniors, mental health week rides the focus

We’ve organised a few social rides to mark Seniors Week and Mental Health Week, as well as our other usual array of fantastic routes including a Tinderbox loop and the Charles Darwin Trail.

Hobart rides abound in next fortnight

Lots of rides centred around Hobart are on offer in the coming fortnight, although the north-west riders can enjoy the Railton–Sheffield ride this Sunday. Mighty Eastern Shore Challenge– Saturday 25 September This 42 km circuit takes you through sealed and unsealed bike tracks, quiet local roads, a private dirt track not normally accessible and topped [...]

A few challenges in weeks ahead

A few challenges are on the way in social rides over the coming weeks, one on Hobart’s eastern shore and another up in Railton thanks to the north-west riders, along with our usual easygoing rides around Hobart.

Spring in the air for September rides

Spring is in the air and our social ride leaders have responded with a wide selection of rides in the next fortnight, including a special Women’s Health Week ride, and more being scheduled for coming weeks.

Explore more of the state by bike

Our social ride leaders have put together rides for the coming fortnight that help your explore areas and routes you may not be familiar with including Hobart’s hills, a weekend out of Ouse, eastern shore circuits and Ridgely’s rural roads.

Something for everyone this month

Our social ride leaders have served up something for everyone this month, with an e-bike ride, city loops, eastern shore track exploration and an overnight trip out of Ouse.

Test yourself on the bike this month

We’ve got a few testing rides coming up this month with the 40 km ride out to Granton, the hilly Knocklofty Kneetrembler and scenic Kangaroo Bay to Droughty Point: stay strong, ride long!

Rides all over Hobart in July & more to come

No north-west social rides for the next few weeks, but there is a good mix of rides planned taking in central Hobart, the eastern shore and Kingborough. Knock the winter chills for six by warming up regularly on your bike.

Government funds Back on your Bike program

Bicycle Network got the good news last week that the government has agreed to fund a new program it has proposed, aimed at getting more people riding again in Tasmania.

Ready to ride through winter

Colder weather can turn some people off going for a ride but as long as you rug up right winter rides can be a delight with crisp mornings, soft light and camaraderie with your fellow riders.

Ride2Uni kicks off in Tasmania

The University of Tasmania and Bicycle Network have banded together to develop a riding confidence program that aims to get more staff and students commuting more often.