WA's oldest national park gets an adventure bike trail

Image shows a hiking trail in John Forrest National Park (Credit: WA Government) 

Western Australia's oldest national park will get a $17 million makeover that includes a 16km off-road trail for two-wheeled adventures.

The John Forrest National Park lies 24km inland from Perth and features many forest trails, native wildlife and waterfalls.

More than 40,000 bike riders visit each year to experience the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail through the park and surrounding areas. 

The state government-funded project aims to maximise the increasing popularity of adventure bike riding and the bike trail is intended to complement planned hiking trail upgrades and improve visitor experiences. 

Other upgrades include a picnic area, a park hub with a cafe, and improvements to the garden and car park.

Around 3km of the bike trail has been built, and the rest is expected to be finished  by the end of 2023. The entire project is due for completion in 2026. 

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