Bike-friendly pop ups for Richmond

The City of Yarra is pressing ahead with improvements to its cycling network by piloting new intersection designs in Richmond.

The upgrade is part of the council's efforts to improve routes for riders across the area. Just 39% meet the minimum safety compliance for people on bikes.

One project at Nicholson Street, Victoria Street and Lennox Street will involve the replacement of a left-turn traffic lane on Nicholson Street and include a short, pop-up protected bike lane. Motor traffic will instead turn from a combined left-and-right-turn lane.

Motor traffic will be banned from making right turns from Lennox Street onto Victoria Street, but bikes will be permitted to make right turns. See image below (left).

A second upgrade at the intersection of Coppin Street and Swan Street, see image above (right), will include pop-up bike lanes for riders approaching the intersection. Signals will be upgraded and new road markings will be introduced to guide traffic.

Similar upgrades will be introduced on Coppin Street at the intersection with Bridge Road.



New pop-up infrastructure on Coppin Street, Richmond

Some on-street car parking will be removed from Coppin Street and a car share bay will be relocated.

Works on these intersections is scheduled for completion by the end of June, weather permitting.

The City of Yarra will use the 12-month pilot to assess the impacts of the temporary road layout on rider safety, which it has done elsewhere in Richmond with positive outcomes for bikes.

The community is invited to offer feedback on designs here.

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