An open letter from our CEO Alison McCormack

After 17 years of promoting physical activity among Australian school children, our Ride2School program is under threat.  

Our funding from the Victorian Government comes to an end next month, and we’re leaving no stone unturned in our efforts to find a new path forward. 

In the meantime, we need your help.  

We’ve never turned to the public to support our flagship behaviour change program before, but it has never faced such uncertainty.  

Last week, we launched a fundraising campaign to help our Ride2School team maintain their vital relationships with school communities and keep shaping a healthy future for Australian children.  

And we are overwhelmed by the support we’ve received so far. It is truly touching to see how much the program means to so many people. All the donations, comments and messages of support make the world of difference.  

I can tell you that our Ride2School team is feeling the love. And they deserve it! In the past two years alone they have: 

  • Set new records to get nearly 500,000 kids involved in National Ride2School Day, Australia’s biggest day of active travel.
  • Developed travel maps for more than 30,000 kids to actively travel to school safely.
  • Achieved an active travel rate at participating schools that is nearly double the national average.
  • Worked with thousands of schools to promote active travel, bike education and safety.
  • Offered our award-winning Mind.Body.Pedal program to hundreds of female-identifying and gender-diverse students.
  • Built bike parking for 17 schools.

They’ve achieved so much since 2006, helping so many kids discover the joy of riding and build healthy habits for life.

The active travel rate of our participating schools is nearly double the national average. So, as rates of obesity and diabetes in Australia continue to climb, the work of our Ride2School team has never been more important.  

There are only a few days left in the financial year, so please spread the word and consider a tax-deductible donation to help keep this journey going. With your help, we can keep Ride2School rolling long into the future. 

Alison McCormack 

CEO, Bicycle Network