March 2020

bicycle network cashback

A Cashback redemption story

We recently celebrated our first membership redemption, where Kate renewed her families membership using bike cash she earned through the Cashback program.

Powering ahead with our events

A lot of things are uncertain at the moment, but here's a quick update from our General Manager of Events, Rebecca Lane on the status of our upcoming events.
bikespot 2020

BikeSpot 2020 kicks off

BikeSpot 2020 offers bike riders and drivers an opportunity to share perceptions of bike riding safety in Victoria, and prioritise areas of improvement.
Forrest Mountain Bike Park

Funding boost for Forrest MTB

The revitalisation of the Forrest Mountain Bike Park has the green light following a $500,000 grant offer from the state government.
ford dooring technology

Dooring tech takes another step

Ford have taken a step forward in dooring technology by creating a system that actually prevents the door from being opened wide when a bike is approaching.
canning street detour

Canning Street detour switch

The installation of the major water main in Canning Street will enter Stage 5 next week with the detour in place at Park Street in North Carlton.
rathdowne street disruptions

Rathdowne street disruptions

Riders along Rathdowne Street into the city may face minor disruptions until the end of April with gas works closing bike lanes at various locations.
Cycling coronavirus

Bikes lead the way through crisis

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to develop, many cities are turning to the bicycle to help them navigate the unprecedented challenge to global health.
ride2work day


While we face a lot more time at home than we’re used to, “keeping your commute” is one way to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.
Peaks Challenge Falls Creek

Peaks Challenge 2020 rider stories

We asked for rider stories and got some great personal accounts back. Thank you for sharing your experience and helping inspire others to find their limit!

Virus shutdown could open up streets

A New York hurtles headlong towards becoming the world’s next coronavirus epicentre it is moving to close traffic-sparse streets to cars and open them up to bikes, runners and walkers.

Tassie bike news bites

Sharing your solo ride photos, MTB news, Bicycle Network offices shut and more destinations floated for north-west coast pathway make up this fortnight's Tassie Bike News Bites.

Want more variety in your bike rides?

With our free social rides being called off and people working from home or no longer working due to COVID-19, the one thing you can still do is go for a ride on your own.

Rider stories: Island idyll

Away from the beaten tourist-track, Sulawesi offers mountainous terrain, lush foliage and all the ingredients for an amazing cycling trip. Colin Freestone shares his experiences gained from 15 years exploring the island.

Free rides for London health workers

National Healthcare Service workers in London have been given free access to the city’s share bike scheme to help them get to work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Physical activity adds focus to brain

People who engage in regular physical activity such as bike riding have electronically quieter brains than unfit people and can better process important auditory information.

Woolstore elevates service for MTBs

A new player in the MTB rider accommodation space is setting a precedent for large hotels, by providing secure bike parking, washdowns, tools and spare parts.

Hope for Geelong’s bike lanes

Protected bike lanes on Geelong's Malop Street look likely to remain after the state government took control from the local council.

Keep pedalling positivity

Bicycle Network's CEO Craig Richards shares some important things he wants our members and the wider community to know as we face the unknown challenges of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
30km speed limit

Take off 10 and ride through coronavirus

Bicycle Network is calling for Australian speed limits to be dropped by 10km/h during the coronavirus pandemic as a way of reducing road trauma and keeping hospital beds available.

Bike riding in the time of Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to spread – now is not the time to stop pedalling and the perfect time to start if you've been curious.

Our review and initial thoughts on Jump bikes

Share bikes are back in business in Melbourne with 400 of Uber’s electric Jump bikes hitting the pavement. Uber recently signed a deal with Melbourne, Yarra and Port Phillip councils which allows the bikes to operate and includes a set of ground rules that should avoid the troubles of previous bike share schemes.  There has [...]

Dodgy detour puts Sydney riders in danger

The cycle bridge over Victoria Road in Sydney's inner west has been shut down for construction of the WestConnex motorway — and riders aren't happy with the detour.
Construction blocks bike lane

Builders to pay price for disruption

To reduce disruptions for road users and bike riders, Melbourne plans to introduce a road occupancy charge for construction works on state managed roads.

Tassie bike news bites

E-bike charging in Glenorchy, new sealed underpass in Kingston, a detour on the Intercity Cycleway and Launceston Transport Challenge feature in Tassie Bike News Bites.
congestion solution con

The congestion solution con

A new US report into congestion indicates that the billion dollar projects building new roads, bridges and freeways to solve traffic congestion are failing.
Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail

New rail trail opening in NSW

The Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail is set to officially open this April, after decades of campaigning for more places to ride in rural New South Wales.

Sprent Loops cater to all comers with 4 options

The Bike Week plethora of social rides on offer is no longer, but our north-west riders can’t stay idle for long and have organised a Spent Loops ride for their regular last Sunday of the month outing.

Get paid to scrap your car

Dangerously high levels of pollution is encouraging one UK city to pay people to send the family sedan to the scrap heap, funded by the national government.
merri creek detour

Merri Creek connection cut

The shared path through Thomas Kidney Reserve will be closed to users from next Monday 16 March for up to four weeks.
canning street detour

New Canning Street detours

With works continuing to progress along Canning Street for the new water main installation, detours will be modified again this week.
bikespot survey

BikeSpot survey planned for 2020

BikeSpot, the survey that enables riders to pinpoint the most aggravating locations along their route, is scheduled to take place again soon this year.
enterprize park

Enterprize Park improvements start

The City of Melbourne will soon start the upgrades to Enterprise Park on the north side of the Yarra River between Melbourne Aquarium and Queens Bridge Street.

Sydney Road struggle re-ignites

The long-running campaign to revitalise the Sydney Road continues to roll along, with a community bike ride planned along the street this weekend.
blaze aid peaks challenge

BlazeAid: helping communities rebuild

One of our volunteers, Rob, also donates his time to helping out with BlazeAid, and we caught up with Rob for a chat about the great work he's been doing.