April 2018

Eastern bike corridor plans confirmed

The latest plans for the massive North East Link Project confirm that the bike trail along the Eastern Freeway is likely to finally see light of day.
City of Melbourne tram and bikes

Tram priority can boost bikes

The City of Melbourne has proposed radically improved priority for trams, a move that would significantly improve convenience and safety for bikes.
distracted driving mobile phone

NSW tackling illegal mobile phone use

Mobile phone enforcement technology could soon become a reality, with NSW becoming the first Australian state to clear the way through legislation.
New South Head Road

Bad cycles leave riders on the edge

While NSW bike riders continue to wait for a safe place to ride on New South Head Road, another issue on the thoroughfare has reared its head.

Seal versus asphalt

Should roads popular with cyclists be finished with spray seal or asphalt?
Queens Avenue contra flow lane

Rail corridor route streamlined

The rail corridor through Ascot Vale and Flemington has long had potential as an attractive bike route, and it is now closer to being realised.
Bike parking in Copenhagen snow

Copenhagen puts focus on bike parking

Copenhagen is racing to its goal of 50% of people riding a bike to work or education by 2025 – but there is a hurdle in the way – not enough bike parking.
VanMoof Subscription bike

A bike subscriber, not an owner

Soon you will be able to shed the anxiety of bicycle ownership while still having one in the shed – your subscription bike.

Northern rides gear up

We've got northern rides galore organised for the coming months as well as a bike fair at UTAS in April and volunteer thank you lunch in May.
Kew Boulevard

Boulie safety upgrade revealed

VicRoads has revealed plans for safety improvements on Kew Boulevard, a very popular road riding circuit close to Melbourne's CBD.
train station bike parking

More bike parking at stations?

A flurry of government and opposition announcements this week indicates the race is on to provide more parking at train stations. But will it be for bikes?
Bike riders and the Sydney Harbour Bridge steps

Female bike rider numbers down on steps

A recent count of people riding bikes in the morning peak has shown that poor access to the Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway is deterring female bike riders.

Integrated transport needs bicycles

Integrated transport options need to factor in bicycle parking and carriage, including racks on buses, space on ferries and parking at light rail stations.

Humphreys Rivulet path answer to Tolosa St troubles

The top end of Glenorchy’s Tolosa Street has become increasingly busy with the success of the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park, Tolosa Park criterium cycling circuit and mountain bike trails in Wellington Park.
Newsroom_cycling memorial Woronora.

Cycling memorial to open in Woronora

A special cycling memorial has been erected in Woronora Memorial Park in Sydney in remembrance of all people who have died while riding a bike.

April activities across Tasmania

We’ve got a variety of rides and events around the state in April, including a weekend on Bruny Island, a stall at the north-west eco festival, Burnie road rides and valet parking at the AFL football match in Hobart.
Newsroom_NSW Future Transport

Future of transport in NSW

The future of transport in NSW will only be bright if the government follows through on its numerous plans including the Future Transport 2056 Strategy.
bike rider faster than car

Drivers think bikes are slower

As many bike commuters have discovered the quickest way to get to work, university or footy training is to jump on you bike. But drivers think the opposite.
IKEA store impression

Shopping IKEA car-free

You know the world is changing when IKEA plans to replace car parking with bike parking and build its latest store at a railway station.

Tassie to get first protected lane

Tasmania’s first protected bicycle lane in Glenorchy’s city centre may be short but it will provide an example of the type of infrastructure Tasmania needs to get more people riding.