Climate change

Underused bikes could be part of climate fight

A landmark global study has revealed that, while we are producing more bikes than cars, they are getting nowhere near the same level of use. This means that their role in the fight against climate change is largely unrecognised.
Paris removes another 10,000 parking spaces

Staggering cost of cars revealed

A new study from Germany that investigated the real costs of private car ownership over a lifetime of driving, for the car owner and wider society.

COP26 cycling protest gets recognition

Following intensive lobbying and protests from bike advocates on Transport Day at COP26, a last minute nod to active transport was inserted into the official declaration.

COP26: A joint letter on cycling

An open letter to the governments currently meeting at the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow urges them significantly increase the number of people who ride bikes in their countries.

Low-carbon freight can carry the load

The heat is on the Australian transport sector to front up to its responsibilities to reduce emissions, and cargo bikes can be a quick, easy and cost-effective first step.

Putting our heart into climate health

A radical re-think into the way we organise cities and move around them will be needed to protect human health from the impacts of climate change, a new review has found.
E-bikes more popular than electric vehicles

E-bikes more popular than e-vehicles

The pace of the move to electric cars is going at the speed of a snail, while the growth in e-bikes is going like a rocket. The market is pointing us in the right direction.
The UK National Trust has switched on to e-bikes

Charged up to protect heritage

The UK National Trust has switched on to e-bikes as part of a campaign to reduce the climate impact of managing its stately homes, parks and trails.
Getting rid of our elderly trucks

Getting rid of our elderly trucks

Australia and New Zealand's old truck fleets are causing around $200 million in annual pollution-related health costs, according to a new government study.
What a difference a trip makes

What a difference a trip makes

New research from Europe has found that people who ride a bike on a daily basis had 84 percent lower carbon emissions from all their daily travel than those who didn't.

Petrol and diesel car ban for UK

The internal combustion engine is going the way of the dodo, with the UK joining California in making plans for a phase out.

Tassie parks it despite winter chills!

Tasmanians got a rain-free day to Park it for the Planet but still had to rug up against a chilly winter wind on Wednesday 26 August to help build the 5 tonnes of avoided CO2 emissions.

Bikes drive down carbon emissions

More than five tonnes of carbon emissions were saved from being spewed into the environment yesterday by Bicycle Network's Park it for the Planet event.