June 2018

Bikes part of Freycinet’s future

The Freycinet National Park master plan outlines a number of ideas to better cater to cycling and is open for public comment until 22 July 2018 
Yarra Heidelberg and Bulleen

Help plan Yarra improvements

Bike riders in the Heidelberg and Yarra Flats area are being sought for a focus group next week to give feedback on bike bike network improvements.

Focus on the real factors

Bicycle Network is concerned about a warning from Victoria Police that bike riders shouldn't wear headphones because it increases the risk of fatal crashes.
Moray Street

Foray into Moray needs care

A new upgrade to Moray Street in South Melbourne that includes a bike lane design at a roundabout that is a Victorian first is about to open.
Unacceptable standard Facebook

An unacceptable standard

We were surprised to find that Facebook don't object to bike riders being targeted on the road despite it clearly breaching their own community standards.
Whitehall Street

Whitehall Street sewer works impact

A major project to move the North Yarra Sewer Main under Whitehall Street, Footscray, will close the street to on-road bike riders for the next 12 months.
Flemington Bridge

Capital City Trail detour

Works on the bike bridge between Parkville and Flemington will cause disruption to some riders on the Capital City Trail route during July.
car decline Melbourne

Car decline to speed up

Motor vehicle trips into central Melbourne have plunged 27 per cent in the last 10 years, and must continue to decline if the city is to grow and thrive.
Passenger vehicle and taxi

Uber rules rile riders

A change to Victorian road rules means that there is going to be an increase in unwelcome obstructions in bike lanes, and we'd like to get your thoughts.
Ford bike technology

Ford on board with bikes

Ford Europe has joined a growing list of car makers seeking to make peace with bike riders bike detection and behaviour change technology.
National Road Safety Action plan

New Federal plan for safer roads

The commonwealth government has released a new road safety action plan for the next two years, but we will have to wait to see how much action there is.
Australia's Health 2018

It’s about quality and quantity

Australians may be living longer, but our biennial health report card shows that we need to work on the lifestyle factors that impact our quality of life.
Spotswood works map

Spotswood sewer squeeze

A major sewer project in Spotswood will put the squeeze on bike riders using Hyde Street from next week with some closures in place.
United Energy Around the Bay

Amping up Melbourne’s iconic ride

Australia's biggest bike ride is being amped up, with a new official energy supplier coming on board in an exciting three year partnership.

Drag your bike out of the shed

As part of Men's Health Week, Bicycle Network is calling on Australian men to go back to the shed, and get out their bikes.
City of Darebin

Rats get runaround in Northcote

Streets in Northcote and Thornbury are about to become much more bike-friendly as the local community moves to push out dangerous rat-running motorists.
Anniversary Trail overpass

$4m trail overpass planned

The awkward, misaligned Toorak Road crossing along the Anniversary Trail in Camberwell will be eliminated by a new overpass.

Bike parking at new Metro stations

Melbourne Metro has publicly released designs for the new stations on the underground line under construction, confirming the provision of bike parking.
two abreast bike riders

Two abreast won’t be pushed aside

Riding two abreast has been a hot topic in the past week, but with united support from bike riders and authorities, the rule is here to stay.

No main without pain

The renewal of the M41 water main through North Fitzroy will periodically inconvenience riders who take the busy Napier Street route.

Beam lift goes full tilt

The Main Yarra Trail and Chandler Highway will be subject to periodical night closures from tonight as the final two sets of beams are lifted into place for the Chandler Highway bridge project.

Melbourne sours on oBikes

Melbourne’s first taste of dockless bike share has turned sour with environmental authorities moving to squeeze the yellow machines from the city’s footpaths.

TAC loophole set to close

People who ride bikes in Victoria are set to have an extended right to TAC compensation under new legislation introduced to State Parliament.

Brighton sewer project update

Work is progressing steadily on the Brighton main sewer along Beach Road and the Bay trail and so far any disruption has been manageable for riders along the busy bike corridor.

Mountain’s missing link biking bonanza

The missing links in the kunanyi/Mount Wellington mountain bike trail network could soon be in place, allowing people to ride the foothill tracks without having to ride on the road.

What does it take to switch transport choices?

Tasmanians will be the guinea pigs inr understanding what it takes to get people out of cars and into active transport and public transport, in the new Health by Stealth research project.

Ride hailing giants pivot to bikes

The ink had hardly dried on Uber’s $200M acquisition of bike share firm Jump Bikes when its major competitor, Lyft, swooped on another bike share operator, Motivate.

Sladda’s snap recall

IKEA’s flat pack Sladda bike has been recalled because the drive belt can snap suddenly.

Drivers pinged for driving slowly

No doubt it sounds strange when you read the headline, but drivers in the Netherlands are being pinged by radar guns outside schools for driving "under' the speed limit, and it's all good.

Hobart help to get Around the Bay

If you’ve longed to have a go at one of the big bike rides interstate but don’t have anyone to ride with or are unsure about transporting your bike, then take a look at Bike Ride’s valet service for Around the Bay in a Day.