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cargo bike

How to get more cargo bikes on the street

Cargo bikes are on the up as communities seek to reduce traffic congestion and emissions in cities, either by commercial logistics or household doing their own schlepping.

Low-carbon freight can carry the load

The heat is on the Australian transport sector to front up to its responsibilities to reduce emissions, and cargo bikes can be a quick, easy and cost-effective first step.

Bikes on buses in the bush trial

Transport for NSW is calling on local residents in Wagga Wagga to help shape the state’s first ‘Bikes on Buses in the Bush’ trial.
Down, down down. Dutch cut speed

Down, down down. Dutch cut speed

In a move to cut road casualties amongst children, the Netherlands parliament recently voted that 30kmh will be the limit all streets in built-up areas.

Tassie Bike News Bites

In this edition's Bike News Bites our Ride2School program join the University of Tasmania on a climate change research project, Burnie road closure, funding agreed for Intercity Cycleway-Macquarie Point link and new RACT expert panel for Launceston transport vision.

Top tips for riding to the shops

With Park it for the Planet coming up, we share some top tips on swapping out your car for the bike when heading to the shops.
green transport

Green transport creates jobs

New research suggests that investment in transforming the transport sector could create millions of new jobs and help countries create greener, healthier economies.
shopping on bicycle

Bikes don’t scare off customers

Another study has found that building better bike infrastructure through shopping districts does not result in economic damage to local traders.
bikespot 2020

BikeSpot 2020 kicks off

BikeSpot 2020 offers bike riders and drivers an opportunity to share perceptions of bike riding safety in Victoria, and prioritise areas of improvement.
30km speed limit

Take off 10 and ride through coronavirus

Bicycle Network is calling for Australian speed limits to be dropped by 10km/h during the coronavirus pandemic as a way of reducing road trauma and keeping hospital beds available.
King Street

Safety in numbers for Sydney riders

Between 2008 and 2019 the amount of bike trips in Sydney has doubled, and during the same amount of time crashes have been cut by a third.

Culture lures bikes in Vienna

Bike riders in Vienna will be rewarded with concert tickets for their efforts in reducing CO2 emissions in the Austrian capital.

New Southbank separated lane revealed

The City of Melbourne has revealed its proposals for new separated bike lanes along Kavanagh Street in Southbank – and you can help support it.
Lille Langro Bridge

How to do a bike bridge

The new Lille Langebro cycle and pedestrian bridge opened recently, a stunning gift to the city of Copenhagen from an innovative property developer.

Midtown moves car parking aside for people

The Tasmanian Young Planners group is organising PARKing Day in the “Midtown” area of Elizabeth Street between Melville and Patrick streets on Elizabeth Street between 9 am and 5 pm on Friday 20 September.

Tassie Bike News Bites

Tassie news includes a call for Commuter Challenge volunteers, Bicycle Network at the Writers Festival, this year's Australian MTB summit and new MTB trails and Hobart Council decisions.

Friendly streets spread benefits

Further evidence to support the notion that taking away space and slowing speed for cars to prioritise places for pedestrians and bicycles improves our streets.
car parking

Time for debate on car parking

Major cities around the world are realising the benefits of reclaiming the kerb space dedicated to car parking to inject life back into the streets. Join the discussion.

Bikes bring better housing

A new study from London shows that building good bike facilities can have a positive impact on housing development and influence where people desire to live.
Sydney Road bike riders_Newsroom

Bike riders spend more in local shops

New research has found that people who ride bikes, walk or take public transport spend 40 per more each month in local shops than people who drive.

RACT looking for congestion busters

The RACT is calling for ideas to improve Hobart’s traffic congestion now and into the future to help it put together a mobility vision for the capital city
Image: Paul Krueger on Flickr

PARKing Day reuses car parking space

PARKing day is a global event designed to help people re-imagine roadways to replace on-street car parking with other activities. Bicycle Network is joining forces with the Planning Insitute of Tasmania and the University of Tasmania this Friday 21 September to take two car parking bays in Collins Street for the day. Bicycle Network will [...]
30km/h speed zone in Yarra

No rockets in this pocket

Melbourne has joined other advanced global cities with a move towards lower, 30km/h urban speed limits from September this year.
Bike advocates_Sydney

Minimising the impact of construction

Bicycle Network brought together bike advocates and stakeholders from across Sydney to discuss issues and concerns arising from major construction works.

What does it take to switch transport choices?

Tasmanians will be the guinea pigs inr understanding what it takes to get people out of cars and into active transport and public transport, in the new Health by Stealth research project.

Get the e-bike lowdown

Bicycle Networks new e-bike flyer tells you everything you need to know about how an electric bicycle operates.
Newsroom_Metro trains and bikes

Mixing bikes and trains

Bicycle Network is reminding everyone to avoid the front carriage when taking their bikes on the train.