July 2020

People’s Climate Strategy for Victoria

Environmental group Friends of the Earth is asking Victorians to complete a climate impacts survey to assist a submission to the state government's climate strategy.

Time to plan new Yarra Bridge

A new bridge at the bottom of Church Street in Abbotsford could be the opportunity to finally have a decent ridable and walkable bridge across into Kew.

More path for Morpeth?

A new shared path along the bank of the Hunter River in Morpeth is being considered to commemorate the bicentenary of the town west of Port Stephens.
jewell station

Rail shutdown to squeeze trail

The rail shutdown on the Upfield line and utilisation of bus replacement services will result in additional congestion around Brunswick Station until November.

Pedal for a purpose this August

Join Bicycle for Humanity's Pedal for a Purpose virtual challenge this August and help ride the distance from Melbourne to Namibia.

Google’s bikey update

Google Maps have announced new bike riding updates that make it easier for people to plan trips by share bike in ten cities around the world.

Short detour on Maribyrnong Trail

There will be a short detour on the Maribyrnong Trail for several days next week along the gravel segment of the trail, near the existing pipe bridge crossing of the river.
cargo bikes

Cargo bike growth exploding

Data is from the first European cargo bike industry survey shows the industry is booming, with sales are expected to grow more than 50% in Europe this year.

Sedentary behaviour linked to fatal cancer

Just as more people are spending their lockdown hours sitting around at home comes news that you won’t want to hear: inactivity is associated with greater risk of cancer.
speeding technology

Lead footed drivers face enlightenment

In just two years time all motor vehicles sold in Europe will be required to have technology to reduce excessive speeds, significantly benefiting for road safety.

Tassie Bike News Bites

Coastal pathway frustration, RACT's Launceston vision, Legislative Council elections, Macquarie Point path and MTB on kunanyi/Mt Wellington features in this Tassie Bike News.

Glenorchy MTB plan takes in Tolosa Park

After an initial round of community input, Glenorchy City Council has released a masterplan to govern the future of its Mountain Bike Park and trails in the area, including a cycling hub within Tolosa Park.

La Trobe Street closure

The eastbound lanes of La Trobe Street—including the bike lane—will be closed to traffic for three weeks due to work on the Metro Tunnel project.
Car driver using mobile phone

Phone distraction crackdown

The Victorian government this week launches a high-tech camera system that can detect drivers using mobile phones, and have a fine on the way in seconds.

Launceston to improve transport options

The state government and greater Launceston councils have banded together to produce a transport vision for the area and the good news is that cycling is front and centre.

Walmer Street switchback setback

The dreaded switchback ramp at the Walmer Street Bridge in Richmond—thought to be condemned to history—has been born again to continue its curse of the bike riders along Melbourne’s Main Yarra Trail.
10 years of peaks

Hill hunting in the ‘burbs

For those missing the mountains during lockdown, we're compiling a list of local hills in Melbourne. What hill do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Should I wear a mask when riding?

There are exceptions to mask and face cover rules for people riding bikes, however you always need to carry one and should cover up when possible.

Final designs for new Upfield trail

With the shutdown of the Upfield line for the elevated rail project just weeks away, final designs have been released for the new stations and the bike trail that will link them.
30km speed limit

Manly drops and gives us 30

The trip across the harbour to Manly on a ferry has always been peaceful, but now your arrival will match that, with a new speed limit of 30km/h.

The wheels keep turning

John Fuller is about to turn 70 and his goal is to become the oldest ever Around the Bay participant. Here's his bike story.

Two new membership products

Bicycle Network is excited to launch two new membership products designed to support all riders and our mission for a more bike-friendly Australia.

Plans for new Southbank on show

The City of Melbourne has released concept plans for a major refresh of Southbank Promenade along the Yarra, that should improve things for bike riders.

Barwon Heads Road trail moves ahead

Plans for a new trail along Barwon Heads Road out from Geelong have firmed up as the project to duplicate the arterial goes forward to planning approval.

Tassie Bike News Bites

A shared path on the Bridgewater Bridge, new MTB Club and contentious intersection design in the Huon Valley, Devonport Showgrounds master plan, and new Hobart bike parking map feature in Tassie Bike News Bites.
eastern trails network

Places to ride during lockdown

Avoid the lockdown blues with this list of great places to ride around Melbourne, including some reminders about staying safe and active.
virtual riding zwift

Virtual riding is as hard as road riding

Read professional cycling coach and data scientist Philipp Diegner's opinion on professional virtual cycling, and see his top 10 virtual racing performances so far.

Hobart & Forth rides in next few weeks

In the next few weeks we’ve got western shore and eastern shore rides in Hobart, a ride out of the beautiful village of Forth and the start of monthly Women on Wheels rides.

New river track could link Longley & Margate

Kingborough Council has released a feasibility study into the prospect of a new 11 km multi-user recreational path following the North West Bay River between Margate and Longley.
Sydney pop up bike lanes

Sydney plans to keep pedalling

Sydney was quick to announce and implement pop-up bike lanes as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and now Lord Mayor Clover Moore wants more.

Ride on Melbourne

Today residents of Greater Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire begin day one of a six-week stint in stage three lockdown.

Nth Hobart report light on bike details

The City of Hobart has released consultant reports on the future of the North Hobart shopping strip, but they are light on details when it comes to improving bicycle access.

Moreland puts up pop-up proposal

A series of pop-up bike lanes have been proposed for Brunswick and Pascoe Vale to help people move freely and safely in the times of COVID-19.

Yarra Trail riders stranded

The Collins Bridge at Gipps Street is closed for eight weeks for repairs, shutting off a vital crossing of the Yarra for many riders and pedestrians.

Tassie Bike News Bites

A new shared path at the Perth bypass, Bike Kitchen looking for chefs, kunanyi petition to go to council and City to Gardens way walk all feature in this edition.

CBD to get new bike hub

Melbourne’s CBD is set for a new bike hub to be developed as part of a new social enterprise cluster on Flinders Street.