July 2017


Veloway call for calm

The thought of a grade-separated car and truck-free route from Melbourne’s west into the CBD has aroused concern and suspicion among some sectors, with high-profile opposition notably coming from Melbourne City Council.

Help us get rolling on TAC coverage

Our call in The Age for TAC coverage to extend to bike riders has generated significant interest. We’d now love the help of all our amazing members, friends and the wider Victorian bike riding community.
Transport NSW Report Card654

NSW Cycling Safety Action Plan report card

The Cycling Safety Action Plan 2014-2016 that was developed by Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) has failed in its promise “to make cycling a safe and positive activity in New South Wales”.

oBikes no cause for concern

Thousands of oBikes have appeared on Melbourne's streets in the past weeks, and while some think they are becoming disruptive, Bicycle Network believes there is no cause for concern.

Elizabeth Street transformation begins

Melbourne City will start work soon on its Elizabeth Street south project, a new public space that will begin the transformation of this car-choked, major north-south CBD artery into an attractive and more bike-friendly environment.