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France invests $3.3b in bike growth

The French national government has embarked on a $3.3B program to make bike riding possible for all citizens and to make bike riding and walking equally attractive as using a car.

End in sight for 13,000 km trip

Andrew Crompton didn't consider himself a keen bike rider when setting out from his hometown in the UK with a 13,000-km-plus journey in front of him. But with 3,000 km left to travel, spirits remain high.

Is this the future of bike parking in Australia?

We’ve all become used to the stainless steel hoops riveted into the footpath as the standard for public bike parking across the country but anyone who has travelled overseas recently will have seen a new standard starting to make its mark.

Singapore’s Integrated Transport Corridor

Singapore's Land Transport Authority is working on a new integrated transport corridor that will include a network of dedicated cycling trunk routes, bus lanes and pedestrian paths.
They build trails big in Texas

They build trails big in Texas

Texas is planning a continuous 160 km trail network from The Alamo in San Antonio to the state capitol in Austin called The Great Springs Trail.
Paris removes another 10,000 parking spaces

Staggering cost of cars revealed

A new study from Germany that investigated the real costs of private car ownership over a lifetime of driving, for the car owner and wider society.

Cargo bikes to support online ordering habits

With increasing online ordering habits, cargo bikes could be the best bet to secure sustainable supply chains, while helping local communities and economies thrive and reduce emissions.

Are cars the new cigarettes?

French Government has mandated that car advertisements will have to include messages encouraging people to consider less polluting transport alternatives.

Supporting cycling saves lives

A new study found that over 200,000 premature deaths could be prevented each year if countries support high levels of urban cycling.

NZ shows lower speeds save lives

A long-term evaluation of lower speed limits in the Auckland region of New Zealand has found that both fatalities and injuries have declined on the slower roads.

COP26 cycling protest gets recognition

Following intensive lobbying and protests from bike advocates on Transport Day at COP26, a last minute nod to active transport was inserted into the official declaration.

Paris goes all-in on bikes

The city of love, the city of light, the city of bikes? Paris recently announced a 250 million euro infrastructure plan that aims to make the entire city bike-friendly.

COP26: A joint letter on cycling

An open letter to the governments currently meeting at the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow urges them significantly increase the number of people who ride bikes in their countries.

Spain plans slow passing laws

In an innovative move to improve the safety of bike riders on roads across Spain the government is planning to introduce slow passing laws.

Dutch Reach becomes law in UK

Changes to British road rules will now require motorists to adopt the Dutch Reach technique when opening doors, to protect people riding bikes. Should we do the same?

Puffing through the pollen

An English product design student thinks he may have an answer to the healthy air problem that pollen and other particulates present to bike riders.

Seamless networks are the German vision

Germany's new national cycling plan has adopted “seamless cycling networks" as the guiding principle, hoping to nearly double the amount of trips taken by bike.
cargo bike

How to get more cargo bikes on the street

Cargo bikes are on the up as communities seek to reduce traffic congestion and emissions in cities, either by commercial logistics or household doing their own schlepping.

Active kids become smart adults

Important new research from Japan has established that an active childhood produces a smarter healthier brain in later life.

Low-carbon freight can carry the load

The heat is on the Australian transport sector to front up to its responsibilities to reduce emissions, and cargo bikes can be a quick, easy and cost-effective first step.
WA bike transport funding

Bikes the best bet in diabetes fight

Regular bike riding lowers risk of mortality among people with diabetes, and has a more powerful effect than other physical activity such as walking, a new study has found.
Electric cars a dead-end street

Electric cars a dead-end street

A new study from Oxford says tackling the climate and air pollution requires curbing all motorised transport, particularly private cars, as quickly as possible.

Putting our heart into climate health

A radical re-think into the way we organise cities and move around them will be needed to protect human health from the impacts of climate change, a new review has found.
E-bikes more popular than electric vehicles

E-bikes more popular than e-vehicles

The pace of the move to electric cars is going at the speed of a snail, while the growth in e-bikes is going like a rocket. The market is pointing us in the right direction.
Paris speed limits reduced

Paris goes totally slow

Paris will soon become even more welcoming to bikes as the city authorities extend the 30km/h speed limit to the whole city.
Riders primed for Amazon

Riders primed for Amazon

Online shopping giant Amazon is so keen on bike commuting that it will pay riders to deliver themselves to work on their bikes.