Your 1000 trees on target

Bicycle Network is close to planting the first of 1000 trees to offset the carbon emissions generated by its events.

The latest batch of natives, planted along the rider route for United Energy Around the Bay on Sunday 8 October, brings the tally to 908.

Each tree planted offsets 268kg of carbon and the trees put in the ground for Bicycle Network so far equate to mitigation of 240 tonnes of carbon. A study from Sweden on the greenhouse gas emissions tied to different lifestyle choices reveals that is equal to one person going car-free for 92 years.

The program, undertaken in partnership with social enterprise company Fifteen Trees, allows Bicycle Network to plant trees in the magnificent locations riders experience as they participate in our events.

Bicycle Network’s Senior Event Coordinator Mark Plucinski says 308 trees were planted for Bicycle Network by the Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation group in a revegetation project along a koala wildlife corridor at Arthur’s Seat. The area is one of the testing-but-rewarding climbs for 300km riders on United Energy Around the Bay.

Plucinski analysed the carbon emissions from vehicles, electricity, waste, water, gas, paper, food and drink, which are generated during each of Bicycle Network’s events.

For example, Peaks Challenge in 2021 emitted around 40 tonnes of carbon emissions, which could be offset by the planting of 168 trees and United Energy Around the Bay 2022 emitted an estimated 275 tonnes, which could be offset by planting 1026 trees.

“Since the first Great Vic Bike Ride nearly four decades ago, Bicycle Network events have been bringing the community together in celebration of all the benefits bikes can bring,” says Plucinski.

“We’ve seen them kick-start fitness journeys, forge special friendships and create green transport habits that last a lifetime. But they don’t come without an environmental impact of their own.

“The number of trees we have planted since we joined the Fifteen Trees program has offset 10% of our events for the last two years.

“Our goal is to reach carbon neutrality for all of our events. So we hope our first 1000 trees will be the start of many thousands more,” says Plucinski.

Riders taking part in Bicycle Network events are given the option of reducing their carbon footprint by funding revegetation projects as part of their ticket purchase. When you enter United Energy Around the Bay or the Great Vic Bike Ride, be sure to tick the “Carbon offset your ticket” box to help us plant more trees.

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