Merri-bek clicks up a gear with new bike strategy

Bike riders in Melbourne’s inner north could be on the path to a better riding environment as the City of Merri-bek embarks on a new transport strategy.

The council has launched its first round of public consultation and is calling on the public to contribute ideas.

Merri-bek has a strong riding community and a good baseline of key bike routes, but with many changes underway in the municipality – particularly rapid population growth – the council sees an opportunity for re-set.

The city is developing its strategy around six key themes: safety; accessibility; sustainability; health; liveability; and collaboration.

The consultation website offers surveys, a discussion paper, a social research report, and a detailed set of FAQs. A webinar and community pop-ups are scheduled.

The council plans for its transport and land-use systems to work together to ensure shops, goods and services, and workplaces, are located within a comfortable distance of all kinds of transport, including walking.

It intends to create high-quality and well-designed spaces that are vibrant and well-loved and ensure local businesses and activity centres are supported to provide goods and services.

The council says it will work to ensure its transport system improves the community’s mental and physical health by making it easier to walk or ride for fitness, recreation, and everyday trips.

The consultation is open until 2 September 2023. Then a draft strategy will be prepared for presentation to the council on November 7 before going on public exhibition. The final strategy is expected in March 2024.

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