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Have you been involved in a crash or near miss while riding your bike? Tell us what happened so we can help.

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What to do in a crash

Use Bicycle Network’s crash reporter to report the details about your incident including when, where and how it happened, if you were injured and other information.

Even if you didn’t crash but had a near miss it is still good to report it so we can work on the things that are causing problems for people who ride.

Reporting your crash will help us discover the most common causes of incidents so that we can work to get them fixed.

If you are a Bicycle Network member and need to make a claim, please call 1800 639 634 to book an appointment with our Riders’ Rights team.

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What happens next? 

If you had a crash involving another person, vehicle or you were injured there are some other things you should do.

Make a police report

If you haven’t already, you should report your incident with the police. It can be helpful to have an official record of events with police in case you need it for legal purposes.

Report dangerous driving

After making a police report, you can also file a report with Crime Stoppers, the nation-wide community organisation that specialises in gathering information and funnelling it to law enforcement.

Medical assesment

You should visit a doctor to be assessed. Sometimes it can take a few days for injuries to appear, so even if you don’t feel too bad right now you should still make an appointment.

Contact Riders Rights

To walk through your crash with our Riders’ rights team call us on 1800 639 634.They can assist you to claim to costs resulting from an injury, to get legal assistance, or recover damages.

If you have any questions about the information above, or any other issues related to an incident you’ve been involved in, please contact us and we will provide any assistance we can.

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Bouncing back from a crash

Having a crash or near miss while riding can affect your confidence, but it doesn’t mean you should stop riding your bike.

Here are some tips and things to consider to help you get back on the bike.

  • Recover physically: give yourself time to get better from any injuries
  • Get your bike checked: your bike might also have been injured in the crash. Make sure it is ok to ride before you start again.
  • Start small: it might be easier to go for a small ride with a friend or group of people to help keep you at ease
  • Have fun: bike riding is a fun thing to do. Choose one of your favourite spots to ride and enjoy the freedom of being on a bike.