September 2019

City cycleways needed now, Rivulet can wait

Hobart alderman Tanya Denison has proposed the Hobart Council investigate the possibility of using the Hobart Rivulet tunnel underneath the city centre for a walking and cycling commuter route.

Victorian wellbeing plan goes active

The Victorian public health and wellbeing plan 2019–2023 has outlined active living as a focus area to improve the wellbeing of our people and communities.
footscray quarry park

Trails park opening in Footscray

The Quarry Park trails, skills park and pump track, just up from the Maribyrnong River in Footscray, are due to open on Saturday 12 October.

Changes at Yarra Trail underpass

The main Yarra Trail underpass at the Swan Street Bridge will get some safety tweaks next month, requiring a temporary closure from Monday 30 September.

New Launceston bridge design needs work

The development application for the University of Tasmania's new pedestrian and cycling bridge over the North Esk has raised questions for bike riders.

Speed tops crash risk behaviour

A huge North American study of 28 million car trips has confirmed that speeding is the strongest predictor of crashes on our roads.
harley davidson ebikes

Harley heaven. You pedal, not peddle.

Harley Davidson has released the first images of its forthcoming range of e-bikes, and they look great. The company has hinted at a release in 2021.

Recall: bike carrier adaptor

Decathlon has recalled its BTWIN Bike Carrier Adaptor Bar, used for carrying bikes with non-standard frames on a rear strap bike rack or suspended frame.
Dooring Bicycle Network

Apple patents anti-dooring technology

Technology innovation giant Apple has been awarded a US patent on a door hinge control system that could potentially reduce the risk of dooring.

Tassie Bike News Bites

New map showing bike parking, Bicycle Network gets into PARKing Day action, Critical Mass, proposal for the Derwent Entertainment Centre grounds and Wild Mersey MTB tracks stage 2.

Car-free days for Canberra

The ACT government is considering car-free days in Canberra as a way to lower the territory’s emissions and encourage more people to ride.

Car sharing is caring

Bicycle Network talking about the benefits of cars? No, we haven't been hacked. We've actually found a valuable ally on our mission to help build a healthier and happier Australia.

Ride2School to keep on rolling

Bicycle Network's Ride2School program will keep rolling for at least two more years in Victoria with the Andrews Labor Government committing $1.4 million.

Green wave a go on Albert Street

A green wave for bike riders on Albert Street in East Melbourne will be made permanent after a trial by City of Melbourne found it reduced travel times by almost one minute.

Q&A with Justin from GoGet

Bicycle Network recently had a chat with Justin, the General Manager of car share company GoGet, and found we actually have a lot in common.

Worst bike safety ads

Advertising campaigns are often thought to be an important part of promoting and improving road safety, but sometimes the message isn't communicated very well. Here's a list of the worst bike ads.
Moreland-Bell Upfield Trail

Have your say on Upfield open space

Preliminary designs have been done to improve the Upfield path in the Bell-Moreland precinct, and there is opportunity for the public to provide feedback.
mount canobolas MTB

Big MTB plans for Mount Canobolas

A major mountain bike track proposal for Mount Canobolas, in the Orange region, has been approved for further planning by the NSW state government.

Looking for an ally

We take a look at what the creation of AusCycling means for us and our advocacy.
fuel-cell e-bike

Fuel-cell e-bikes on the charge

A recent breakthrough in hydrogen storage capacity has been a game-changer for fuel-cell bikes powered by hydrogen, with France leading the way.

Bike light recall

Decathlon has recalled its SL100 Rear LED battery powered bike light due to safety concerns around the battery compartment.

Give your colleagues a hand to ride to work

Ride2Work Day is coming up on Wednesday 16 October, and we’ll be holding a celebratory breakfast at Mawsons Place in Hobart but it would be great to see some new faces over our coffees. If you ride to work, have you ever considered encouraging or mentoring someone else at your workplace to ride? When you [...]
Newsroom_bondi junction cycleway

Bondi Junction cycleway faces court action

Business owners in Bondi Junction aren’t backing down from opposing the construction of a new cycleway, with the group now mounting legal bid to stop the project.
Bike rider separated bike lane Sydney

Commuter cycling in Sydney survey

Do you use your bike to get to work in Sydney? Share your experiences to help inform design project about bike riding in Sydney.

Midtown moves car parking aside for people

The Tasmanian Young Planners group is organising PARKing Day in the “Midtown” area of Elizabeth Street between Melville and Patrick streets on Elizabeth Street between 9 am and 5 pm on Friday 20 September.

Tassie Bike News Bites

Tassie news includes a call for Commuter Challenge volunteers, Bicycle Network at the Writers Festival, this year's Australian MTB summit and new MTB trails and Hobart Council decisions.
stefan gelbhaar ride to work

An extra day off for riding to work

A Germany politician has proposed that those who ride a bike to work should get an extra day of leave each year. And he makes some pretty good points.

It’s swooping season

Keep an eye on the magpies over the next month or so, and we're not talking about the Colliwobbles at the MCG. Check out these tips to avoid getting swooped.

3.8 or 38 degrees

Which do you prefer, freezing your fingers off on a 3.8 degree morning, or leaving a trail of sweat behind you on a 38 degree day? Let us know your thoughts.

A simple solution to imbalance

Bicycle Network CEO Craig Richards speaks about how we can address the gender imbalance in bike riding to make sure all Australians are active and healthy.