Boston expands bike education program to reach every neighbourhood

Learning to ride a bike is an invaluable skill that stays with you for a lifetime, and the Mayor of Boston wants to offer a city-wide free bike education program for children.

The initiative is part of Mayor Michelle Wu’s "Connect, Learn, Explore" initiative designed to equip children with important skills through arts and sports programs, gardening workshops and swimming lessons.

Bike education is being offered at three of Boston's summer sports centres, where children are taught about safety, mechanics and the basics of riding.

“Biking is more than just a fun way to stay active, it’s a great way to get around and a crucial life skill – one that all of our young people deserve the opportunity to develop,” says Mayor Michelle Wu.

By partnering with community organisations, the city will next year expand the free bike education to 15 sites across the city for children aged four to 13.

This will give the program a presence across all neighbourhoods of Boston, and is expected to reach almost 500 children a year.

“This is an exciting initiative for our children and youth,” says council president Ed Flynn. “Learning to ride a bike, much like learning how to swim, is an important skill that allows our young people to get active, have fun, and explore new places with families and peers in the city.

"I encourage our youth to take advantage of this program to learn about the basics of balance, bike safety, and bike rules.”

Main image courtesy of City of Boston

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