Further landslip works on Bogong High Plains Road

Works are underway to repair a small landslip on the Bogong High Plains Road to Falls Creek. 

This recent landslip is tiny in comparison with the one that occurred in October 2022 between Mount Beauty and Falls Creek, above Bogong Village. 

The latest works will include road shoulder widening, concrete barrier installation, the construction of a new retaining wall and steel guardrail, along with pavement repair and line-marking.

Speed reductions and traffic management will be in place during works. Traffic will be halted at times and there may be delays of up to 15 minutes.

Works on the 2022 landslip will continue during this time and high truck volumes will continue to be a concern for riders.

It would be wise for riders to avoid using Bogong High Plains Road between 6am and 6pm on weekdays during the works. 

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