Somerville Road bike lane closure

The on-road west-bound bike lane on Somerville Road between Whitehall Street and Hyde Street in Yarraville will be closed for several weeks during February.

But the shared path immediately beside it will remain open in both directions, as will the east-bound on-road bike lane, alongside Yarraville Gardens.

The closure is due to works by the West Gate Tunnel Project to reconstruct a manhole in the intersection at Whitehall Street, under which is located the North Yarra Main Sewer, one of Melbourne’s major sewerage structures.

Regular riders through the area will recall major disruptive works at this location in recent years as the sewer has been realigned due to the construction of the West Gate Tunnel.

The closures are scheduled to start at 9pm on Wednesday 7 February and finish at 5am on Saturday 24 February 2024.

Note that these works will not permit use of the pedestrian crossing over Somerville Road on the side of northbound travel on Whitehall Street. There will still be access to cross Whitehall Street and Somerville Road on the southbound side. 

If you are using Whitehall Street route, use the signalised crossings aligned with the shared paths on Whitehall Street and Somerville Road. Riders are advised the on-road bike lane on Somerville Road will be closed during the works.

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