Walmer Street Bridge delay

Construction of the new land bridge connection on the northern side of the Walmer Street Bridge has been delayed and is not expected to be completed until late July or early August.

The project has caused inconvenient detours to other bridges over the Yarra River for a protracted period.

There is good news however, as the property development immediately across the Yarra is planned to include a bridge on that side of the river.

However, if the construction of that structure also requires lengthy detours, there may be an extended period of pain for bike riders.

The City of Boroondara says construction delays on the north side are attributed to:

  • excessive wet weather experienced in late-2022
  • issues with sourcing materials, and
  • the need to adjust the construction program to protect culturally sensitive areas in line with our Cultural Heritage Plan.

The Boroondara project, which received Federal Government funding support, will replace the northern land bridge and result in a safer shared path for pedestrians and riders through an increase in the bridge’s width (from 1.7m to 3.3m), and handrail lighting.

It includes structural improvements to the bridge and to the staircase down to the riverbank and an improvement to the bridge’s overall look and convenience.

"We have been liaising with the City of Yarra throughout the planning, design and construction stages of our northern land bridge replacement project,” the City of Boroondara said in a statement.

"We have recently been advised that Salta Properties plans to start construction on the southern land bridge in the near future.

"These works are being delivered by Salta as a requirement of their planning permit to build the ‘Walmer’ residential development located at 649 Victoria Street, Abbotsford.”

While there may be now improvements to the land bridges on both sides of the Walmer Street Bridge, the bridge itself will remain an unimproved chokepoint as it has been granted heritage protection and will not be reconstructed. 

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