Together we can build more separated cycleways and other All Ages and Abilities routes so people aged 8-80 feel comfortable riding for transport



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The problem

Tasmanian cities and towns do not have networks of All Ages and Abilities (AAA) cycleways.

Too much of our bicycle infrastructure is lines painted on the road when we need paths separated from vehicle traffic or low-volume, low-speed streets.  

AAA cycleways connected to schools, workplaces, tourism attractions, shops and other areas of interest have been shown to contribute to big increases in rider numbers. 

Cities that are building AAA cycleways include Sydney, Vancouver, Melbourne, Portland, Washington, London and Seville.

This is because the majority of the population are interested in riding but are concerned about safety.

Well-designed cycleways that separate riders from vehicle traffic and provide clear intersection treatments encourage people to ride who wouldn’t if there were just painted lanes.

When more people ride, it becomes safer for all riders.

Research has shown that when bicycle riding becomes more common drivers are more likely to look for bicycles and the number of crashes declines.


Other news


We want Tasmania to shift from painted bicycle lanes to separated cycleways and low-speed local streets.

$2m going to Hobart cycling projects

The Tasmanian Government has started the process to distribute $2 million to greater Hobart councils to implement cycling projects.

Hobart’s first separated cycleway plans released

The City of Hobart has released plans for its first stretches of on-road separated cycleways on Campbell and Argyle streets.  ...

City Centre Cycleways could get people moving

The Tasmanian Bicycle Council thinks the lack of cycleways in Hobart’s city centre is holding back people who would like to use a bike to...

RACT Hobart vision supports separated cycleways

The RACT has released its 30 year transport vision plan for Hobart, with separated cycleways and cycling for transport strongly supported.

The solution

Local and state government commitments to AAA cycleways will get more people riding which is good for health, climate change actions and transport congestion.


Tasmania’s cities should develop bicycle plans with networks of separated cycleways at their core.

To help pay for the networks, the state government should establish a standing bicycle infrastructure fund for state and local roads that prioritises AAA cycleways.

Some two-thirds of Tasmanian adults and children don’t get the recommended exercise they need to prevent diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. 

Building bicycle infrastructure that people of all ages and abilities can use for their daily transport will help the state government to meet its goal of Tasmania being the healthiest state by 2025.

Separated cycleways will get more people riding and has the potential to reduce traffic congestion and provide Tasmanians with a cheap, clean form of transport.



  • The greater Hobart councils and Tasmanian Government have released a Hobart Cycling Plan for all ages and abilities cycleways:
  • Hobart has announced plans for a trial of its first separated cycleways on Campbell St in December 2019
  • Tasmanian Bicycle Council released a plan for bi-directional separated cycleways in Hobart’s city centre in April 2019.
  • Bicycle Network has called for separated cycleways to be part of the Hobart City Deal.
  • Bicycle Network has called on the City of Hobart to commit to separated cycleways as part of its 2018 Transport Strategy.
  • In July 2018 Bicycle Network held a forum for local and state government about introducing separated cycleways in Tasmania.

Hobart City Centre Cycleways Plan

The Tasmanian Bicycle Council is the peak body for cycling and bicycle advocacy groups in the state, and Bicycle Network is an active member.

The Bicycle Council has come up with a plan for a minimum grid of bi-directional separated cycleways in Hobart’s city centre. 

Download the plan to see what is involved in creating separated cycleways on each nominated street. 

Here’s a few easy ways you can help get separated cycleways built across Tasmania.

Write to the Premier

Contact the Tasmanian Premier, Jeremey Rockliff, to let him know you want the state government to support and fund separated cycleways. 


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