It occurs in sheep that have a disturbed digestive and metabolic system. Due to the thinning of the mucosa, bacteria penetrate deep into the organ.
Usually the herd is struck by the first, super-acute, infection. She is able to destroy the entire herd in a few hours. With this form, the animals still seem healthy in the evening, but die by morning.
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Bradzot can often be confused with other diseases that are common in sheep. Below we list them and tell you how to distinguish infections. Table number 1. Differences in diseases in sheep.

Name of the disease Distinguishing features Pasteurellosis It is characterized by the variability of the lungs and the septic course of the disease. Anthrax The blood becomes thick and almost black in color. The spleen is enlarged. Pyroplasmosis The spleen is enlarged in volume, and parasites are also present in the blood plasma. Infectious enterotocemia There is an effect on the kidneys, but the liver and abomasum are almost not affected. In order to find out the diagnosis, you need to perform an autopsy, take the organs for analysis.

This should be carried out two to four hours after the death of the animal in order to find out what became the causative agent of the outbreak. The corpses of animals begin to decompose almost immediately, the skin on the abdomen gradually bursts due to its swelling. At autopsy, experts notice long strands of bacteria, which were mentioned at the beginning of the article. On this basis, bradzot is diagnosed. Treatment of bradzot, fight against it.

With a lightning-fast form of the course of the disease, there is not a single possibility to save the herd. In addition, it is almost impossible to diagnose it in time: in two hours you can already lose the entire herd. In the event that the sheep are overtaken by an acute form of the disease, there is a small chance that you can save the animals. Antibacterial drugs like synthomycin, biomycin, terramycin will help you with this. Timely delivered vaccines will save the economy from a big case.

How to diagnose a disease.

For adults, biomycin is administered intramuscularly, calculating the dose as follows: one gram for each kilogram of viagra weight. It is necessary to make injections every day. Also, to restore the gastrointestinal tract, sheep should be given biovetin, adding it to the feed (0.7 grams per head).

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In addition to these, it is also necessary to purchase cardiac, antitoxic, sedative drugs in order to remove all symptoms. Sometimes veterinarians also prescribe injections of tetracycline, 3-4 grams per kilogram of body weight.

Foster Care

Get Viagra every spring. You need to carry out mass vaccination even before you start releasing sheep on pasture, about a month and a half.

After 30 days, another vaccination is necessary. If you find out that bradzot has been found near your farm, vaccinate all herds. Repeat the procedure after two weeks. Vaccinate animals regularly, every six months. Rules for organizing quarantine.

In order not to bring the infection from the herd to others, it is necessary to introduce a quarantine regime.

Disinfect the rooms where the patients lived.

To do this, use solutions of bleach, sodium hydroxide or folmaldehyde. Two hours after treatment, you need to repeat the procedure again for a better effect.
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The process of disinfection of walls, ceiling, floors after quarantine.

Only 25 days after the last outbreak of bradzot, the farm will again be recognized as prosperous, will be able to bring its sheep to a common pasture.
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Strong immunity is the main assistant in the fight against diseases. Infections will not be able to penetrate into the protected organism, and therefore, the animals will not become infected. But for this you need to constantly maintain the conditions of detention, organize good nutrition.


In addition, ventilation must be provided. The air in the room should be replaced by fresh, without creating drafts. It is recommended to clean the sheepfold at least once a week. During construction, it is also important to pay attention to separate pens for lambing sheep, for the further maintenance of lambs. Important. For a herd of 300 heads, at least one and a half hectares of land will be required. You can read more about keeping and breeding sheep in our special article. Prices for popular models of viagra pills crushers, feed cutters, grass cutters.
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