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Reid KADe e-Cargo Bike

A new player has entered the market, check out Reid’s first e-Cargo bike. It will save you time, money, and stress and leave you happier and healthier!

Basil Hoga Bicycle Rain Jacket

The Basil Hoga Bicycle Rain Jacket is a well thought through jacket that’s specially designed with a commuter and recreational bike rider in mind.

Basil pannier bag range

Basil’s pannier bag range is great – with several colour options and designs, different sizing options and unique features throughout every option.

POC Ventral Air Mips

The POC Ventral Air Mips is the helmet that keeps on giving. This model might not be as light as some competitors, but that doesn’t hold it back.

Kask Valegro and Kask Mojito

Why are Kask's helmets so popular within the cycling community? We've tested two of the most popular models in the range to see what all the hype is about.

SkinGrowsBack Lunchbox Handlebar bag

SkinGrowsBack’s Lunchbox Handlebar Bag has been a welcome addition to my cycling inventory this year, allowing me to easily access essentials on my ride.

Wald 137 front basket

The Wald 137 front basket will turn your bicycle into a more robust and commuter-friendly machine.

DaBrim cycling helmet brim

The DaBrim cycling helmet brim hits a gap in the market that is yet to be filled, offering the array of sun protection that no other competitor offers.

Passchier bamboo handlebars

Passchier’s Gump 760 bamboo handlebars meet in the middle ground of being uniquely out of the ordinary yet holds some great practical elements.

Bryton Rider 750

We tried out Bryton’s flagship Rider 750 model to see how it held up over a few months of use of commuting and longer rides.