The problem

Congested, disconnected and confusing

Kings Street is a road that’s only half done. It’s a key connection to the Sydney CBD and at best it’s congested and confusing. At worst, it’s a dangerous mess of traffic unnecessarily putting lives at risk. 

  • King Street is a vital route for commuters from Sydney’s Inner West suburbs. It’s separated cycleway ends at York Street, leaving bike riders to fend for themselves among cars, taxis, trucks and buses and sometimes pedestrians, all fighting for road space. 
  • Thousands of bike riders use this route everyday and there are far too many close calls as they are forced to merge from a separate cycleway into a complicated mix of traffic.
King street cycleway
The good news is that the timing is right to connect King Street.

The solution

With light rail works underway, building a cycleway along King Street is not only cost effective, it will save time and minimise disruptions. The designs are done too – we just need to start digging.

Encouraging more people to ride bikes is a clear, easy and cheap way to solve Sydney’s growing health and congestion costs.

More and more businesses are installing lockers, showers, bike parking and incredible end-of-trip facilities encouraging more people to ride. But if Sydney’s network of cycleways don’t connect, the full benefits won’t be felt or shared.

Sydney King Street cycleway
The solution is straightforward:
  • Continue the separated King Street cycleway from York Street to Philip Street to help traffic flow and reduce the current confusion and risk among road users.
  • Improve bike signalling along the existing cycleway from Sussex Street.

The timing is perfect: with light rail construction underway, connecting King Street is an easy win for the government that will make a big difference for the people of Sydney.

Take action

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