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Let’s extend the Peninsula Link Trail to connect Moorooduc and Mornington


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The problem

The Peninsula Link Trail can be extended from Moorooduc station to the Mornington Botanical Rose Gardens, but there is currently no funding commitment.

The Peninsula Link Trail runs from Patterson Lakes to Moorooduc and connects to both the EastLink and Baxter trails.

There’s opportunity to extend the trail to follow the existing railway line from Moorooduc Station to Mornington.

The new path would connect three shopping centres, five schools, two sports precincts, the Mornington industrial precinct and residential areas. 

As well as giving locals an opportunity to reduce car trips and ride around town or to Frankston station, the path extension would be a great tourist attraction.

The idea of the path has been supported by local, state and federal governments, but no money has been committed.

Mornington Peninsula Shire say work can begin as soon as money is made available

Estimates say the project would cost around $5 – 6 million.

A second stage of the project could link Mornington to Safety Beach, via the existing Harrap Creek Path.

The solution

Grow and demonstrate community support for the project and receive funding.

A route is available, the benefits are clear, we just need to secure state government funding.

We can do this by showing that an extension of the Peninsula Link Trail to connect Moorooduc and Mornington will make the area more healthy and liveable and bring in tourist money.

A petition has been set up where you can add your name to the list of people who support the project.

Mornington Community Safe Link is a community group that has been set up to help the campaign for the extension of the Peninsula Link Trail. You can join them on Facebook.

Mornington Community Safe Link

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