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The problem

Collins Street is Hobart’s missing link

Hobart’s Collins Street should be the commuter artery to get the city’s heart pumping. But instead of a smooth journey from the revitalised Rivulet Track into the city centre and across to the Intercity Cycleway, bike riders and walkers are dumped into a carpark and then on to streets with no cycling infrastructure. 

  • People who walk or ride must contend with cafe customers and parents in 4WDs dropping their kids off at childcare as they move from the Rivulet Track, through an active carpark to Collins Street.
  • The signalised crossing over Molle Street now creates a safer, more comfortable entry into the city.
  • Space to ride on Collins Street has been given to under-utillised on-street car parking.

While the Hobart City Council has bike lanes on Collins Street on its agenda, there are no publicly available designs or plans to build. 

The solution

Collins Street offers the city of Hobart the opportunity to create a state-of-the-art route for people who ride bikes, fully separated from traffic and pedestrians.

Currently, traffic volumes on Collins Street are light and parking sits empty throughout the day.

A separated bike lane along the length of Collins Street would create an important connection to the waterfront and the InterCity Cycleway.

Hobart is confronting growing problems with traffic congestion, transport emissions and health, and encouraging more people to ride is one of the easiest and lasting ways to address these issues.

One more bike heading down Collins Street every morning is one less car on the road looking for a parking spot.



The easier we can make it for people to ride bikes or walk, the easier it is for people to make the choice to leave the car at home, which benefits everyone.


  • Collins and Molle Street signalised crossing was completed in September 2022. 
  • Collins Street is in the All Ages and Abilities cycling plan for Hobart.
  • The City has put construction of a signalised intersection at Collins and Molle streets in its 2020-21 budget. 
  • The City received a pledge of $100,000 from the federal government in March 2019 for use on the Collins Street bike lanes.
  • The City of Hobart has put the design of Collins Street bike lanes in its Annual Plan for 2018-19, along with a safe crossing across Molle Street for people on bikes and walking.

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