Together we can make the Tasman Bridge a viable cycling connection for a wide range of riders. 



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The problem

The Tasman Bridge path is too narrow and exposed

The Tasman Bridge is the main connection between Hobart’s eastern and western shores but because the path is too narrow, windy and difficult to pass other riders it’s a big deterrent for many people who would like to ride more often. 

  • Maintenance gantries and poles stick into the narrow path posing a risk to riders who can get handlebars caught and fall off.
  • No wind protection on the path means there is a real risk of riders being blown about and falling off their bikes.
  • The low fence between the path and traffic means riders blown off their bike or get caught on equipment are in danger of falling into traffic.

The state and federal governments announced in 2020 that new wider paths would be added to the Tasman Bridge but in 2024 we are still waiting to see the final designs and no indication of when construction will begin.

If cycling is to be a viable transport option for people living on the eastern shore we need a bridge that caters to people walking and riding. 


The solution

Build a new wider pathway on the bridge with wind protection and safe separation from traffic.

A new wider pathway can be built to better cater to people riding and walking across the bridge.

Ideally, people riding would be separated from people walking because of the different speeds they travel at.

Wind protection along the pathway would make it a more comfortable, and safer ride between Hobart’s two shores. 

Creating a more attractive cycling path with viewing areas across the bridge could also be a feature for tourists visiting Hobart as the views from the top are spectacular. 


The easier we can make it for people to ride bikes or walk, the easier it is for people to make the choice to leave the car at home, which benefits everyone.


  • The Mercury reports in January 2024 that the government will not tender for the pathway works until 2025 with construction “possibly” starting in the same year.
  • End of 2023 federal government announces Tasman Bridge funding is safe.
  • Mid 2023 the federal government puts a hold on all infrastucture funding while it is reviewed.
  • The project gets is own webpage showing a timeline that has construction now starting at the end of 2023: https://stategrowthtas.mysocialpinpoint.com/tasmanbridge 
  • June 2022 the Tasmanian Government released concept images and undertook consultation to finalise design of the new paths.
  • The Australian Government promised $65 million in the federal budget in October 2020 to strengthen the Tasman Bridge and add wider active transport paths, which has been matched by the Tasmanian Government in its November 2020 budget with a timeline showing construction from 2022-23 to 2023-24.
  • The June 2019 session of budget estimates revealed that $14 million has been budgeted to improve the Tasman Bridge’s pathway and designs were due to go to the minister in November but there is no deadline for when plans are released or works to occur. 
  • The state government called for ideas for the road corridor between Hobart and Sorrell, which includes the Tasman Bridge, at the end of 2018.
  • A 2016 Coroner’s Report recommended structural changes to the bridge that would better prevent people from committing suicide. 

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