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The problem

Tolosa Street is too busy for bicycle riders

Tolosa Street links Glenorchy with two schools, homes and popular mountain bike trails and park but is not safe to ride and is too narrow for an on-road separated lane.  

Tolosa Street, Glenorchy, is a busy urban connector road between Glenorchy’s city centre and Tolosa Park.

It serves two schools (Dominic College and Springfield Gardens PS), residential suburbs and the increasingly popular mountain bike trails on kunanyi/Mt Wellington and the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park.

The upper section of the road has narrow, unprotected, painted verge bikelanes, which are unsafe for riders, especially for children riding to school.

It is particularly unsafe to ride uphill, including the roundabout with busy connector Barossa Road and unpleasant to walk along the footpaths.

There are increasing numbers of mountain bike riders using the road after completing the North–South Track on kunanyi/Mt Wellington. 

Other news


Humphreys Rivulet should be the next major bicycle path to be built in Glenorchy.

Humphreys Rivulet path answer to Tolosa St troubles

The top end of Glenorchy’s Tolosa Street has become increasingly busy with the success of the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park, Tolosa Park criterium cycling circuit...

Have your say: New Town and Tolosa Dam

Two community feedback requests have come up in New Town and Glenorchy (Tolosa Park Dam) that bicycle riders may like to participate in.

The solution

The land alongside Humphreys Rivulet provides the opportunity to build a cycling path.

Humphreys Rivulet runs from Wellington Park to Elwick Bay on the River Derwent, located between Chapel and Tolosa Streets, Glenorchy. 

A pathway between the InterCity Cycleway and Murrayfield Court could provide a traffic-free connection to bypass the busiest section of Tolosa St.

The trail could be built in several stages: 

  • Stage 1 – between Intercity Cycleway and Main Road.
  • Stage 2 – between Main Road and Farnell Place. This stage has the most immediate benefit as it can be readily joined up with local streets and paths to provide a walking and cycling route that avoids the busy traffic at the lower end of Tolosa Street. 
  • Stage 3 – between Farnell Place and Brent Street.
  • Stage 4 – Brent Street to Murrayfield Court.


  • Glenorchy Council to widen the footpath at the top of Tolosa Street to 2.5 metres in 2023.
  • Glenorchy Council is creating a masterplan for the Mountain Bike Park and consulted with riders in December 2019 and will consult more broadly in early 2020.
  • In March 2018, the council sought input from residents and park users about future uses of Tolosa Park due to TasWater’s planned decommissioning of the park reservoir.  
  • The Mountain Bike Park is just around the corner and more money has been pledged by the state government to keep improving the park, which has proved very popular.
  • A feasibility study was done several years ago by the Glenorchy City Council but no work has occurred.

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Here’s a few easy ways you can help build a new cycling path alongside Humphreys Rivulet.

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