New bike tools help riders in a pickle

Next time you’re cruising down the cycleway and hear an inexplicable rattle or squeak you’ll be able to stop and fix it thanks to Bicycle Network’s public bike tool stands.

The multi-tool stands will be next to the Intercity Cycleway at the Hobart end and at Station Street Reserve in Moonah.

The tools are a useful resource for riders who don’t always carry tools around with them.

They can also be used by riders to double check everything is okay with their bike before heading out for a ride, or just making sure your tyres are pumped up for a smooth roll.

If you are not sure what to use the tools for, just use the QR code on top of the stand and that takes you to a website that explains their uses.

The stand comes with a rest so you can lift your bike up to get a better view of the mechanics.

The stand has two tyre levers, Allen keys, spanners, screwdrivers and wrenches. All of which are attached with stainless steel ropes which are difficult to cut.

Bicycle Network volunteers have raised money over the years by providing valet bike parking and other services and they’ve chosen to give back to the riding community by contributing to these tools to be put in place.

They have teamed up with Rotary Hobart and Teros Hobart to share the costs of buying the two new stands.

And thanks to the City of Hobart and Glenorchy City Council, the tools will be installed free of charge on council-owned land, and the councils will take over the ownership of the stands.

The tools are a needed addition on this side of the river since Rotary donated two tool stands for the Foreshore Trail a few years ago.

If there are other places you think a bike tool would be useful or is in a high traffic area let our volunteer committee know.