New Darebin Creek Trail link opens

The major upgrade to the Darebin Creek Trail at Childs Road in Mill Park is completed and opens officially this Sunday.

For the first time riders will be able to follow the Creek under the road to continue their journey without a road crossing.

The new underpass connects both to the Darebin Creek and Henderson Creek Trails to the north.

The project was constructed as part of the Childs Road east-west duplication across the creek. The provision of a second road bridge has enabled two way bike paths on both sides of the bridge.

Riders now loop under the road and then cross the creek on the path on the road bridge.

As part of the project a rest area/lookout/local park has been created on the south side of the road, featuring a major artwork on the pavement.

The design and construction of the underpass and other elements are to a high standard.

There is a free family festival for the official opening on Sunday 4 March at 11:00am - 2:00pm, and food for hungry riders.

The new underpass massively improves the safety of trips through the area.

Students for local schools will benefit, as will staff riding to work at the Northern Hospital.

The city of Whittlesea is developing other trail and path upgrades in the north that will expand the network of connections through the suburbs, including the extension of the Yan Yean Pipe Track.

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