New Geelong plan locks in bike vision

A new planning framework for central Geelong promises to transform the environment of the downtown precinct with a vibrant street life, a thriving economy, and many more people on bikes.

The plan identifies myriad problems with Geelong's current transport layout that are stifling opportunities for growth and urban liveability.

The new plan foreshadows a major shift to public transport, walking and biking.

The Central Geelong Framework Plan States: "Cycling is an important mode of transport and is encouraged throughout Central Geelong on all streets.

"Strategic cycling corridors, developed as part of the Victorian Cycling Strategy 2018–28, form part of the Principal Bicycle Network and provide the primary network access in Central Geelong and connections to a wider network of routes.

"There are currently high-quality bicycle paths along Swanston Street (on top of the kerb, next to the footpath) and sections of Malop, Little Malop and Gheringhap streets (generally on-road and mostly separated from vehicle traffic).

"Extending routes and connecting them to existing networks will help people ride to Central Geelong, whether it be on short or long journeys.”

The plan says that high-quality infrastructure, including separated bicycle paths, will improve access to Central Geelong from regional trails and connect to high-intensity destinations (such as the retail core, commercial precincts and hospitals).

Key streets that could provide for these regional connections and Strategic Cycling Corridors include Gheringhap, Malop, Little Malop and Swanston streets and Western Beach Road.

As well as improving bicycle riding infrastructure within the public realm, new development should provide destination infrastructure where possible to further promote and encourage cycling as an important mode of transport.

The strategies include:

• Promote cycling as an important mode of transport to get to and around Central Geelong.
• Provide dedicated, separated cycle lanes to streets shown as strategic cycling corridors in Figure 14 and encourage the provision of bike lanes on all other streets and laneways where appropriate.
• Improve the lighting, width and preference at intersections along strategic cycling corridors to and within Central Geelong.
• Prioritise safer pedestrian and bicycle crossings at:
   - Latrobe Terrace and intersections with Little Malop, Myers and Kilgour streets
   - McKillop Street and intersections with Gheringhap, Moorabool, Bellerine and Swanston streets.
• Require new development to provide cycling storage and other related infrastructure consistent with Clause 52.34 of the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme.
• Encourage the provision of separated bike lanes on streets designated as a strategic cycling corridor and on-road for all streets on the Principal Bicycle Network.

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