New M80 path open

A new section of path has opened along the M80 Ring Road through Airport West and Tullamarine.

Constructed by the Melbourne Airport Rail (MAR) project, the new facility will be one of many bike route upgrades that will be provided in the coming years as part of MAR.

The new section, closer to the rail corridor, replaces the former path that was adjacent to the freeway.

The new path sets a standard for future paths in Melbourne’s northwest: broad, smooth and with white edge-lining to keep you on track in poor light.

The new path was required because a few steel lattice power transmission towers need to be moved to make way for the rail line.

To get the line across the M80 into Tullamarine requires a bridge over the road, and the bridge height would have left insufficient space between the train and the existing wires between the towers.

Consequently, the towers have to be moved and heightened.

Works are continuing in the area to relocate the transmission towers by mid-year.

Other works are amping up closer the Albion and Sunshine that will impact on riding routes through the area.

Bicycle Network will have further information on this website closer to the date.

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