Yarra southside link closed on Good Friday

The section of the Yarra Trail along the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) will close for the day on Good Friday and then reopen on Saturday.

Bike riders will be able to continue along the Yarra, however, as the boardwalk along the river's edge in Polly Woodside Park will be open to people on bikes.

But be careful: there can be numerous people on foot taking this route.

The Good Friday Appeal holds the ‘Kids Day Out’ event every year at MCEC with more than 100,000 attendees onsite across the day.

As the outdoor area of MCEC is being utilised the area will be fenced and closed to the general public and bike traffic.

The closure is from 10.00am Thursday 6 April to reopen by 11.00am the morning of Saturday 8 April.

There will be traffic management onsite Friday 7 April to manage vehicles and pedestrian flows.

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