Black Spot funding gives bikes a better run

Bike riders will be given precedence over barristers at the La Trobe Street bike lane in Melbourne's legal precinct, with digital alerts to be installed thanks to federal Black Spot funding.

Digital alert systems will be installed where the bike lane intersects with Park Street opposite Flagstaff Gardens. It is part of a swag of upgrades that will be made to bike routes in Melbourne and Victoria as part of the federal government's Black Spot 2020-21 funding release.

Warning signs will tell any drivers looking to make a quick swing in to Park from La Trobe to watch for bikes, while light up markers will be triggered by riders in the bike lane.

Similar work will also be done at the Melbourne Central car park entrance that crosses La Trobe Street between Swanston and Elizabeth.

In addition to a sign and markers, traffic signals will also be configured to turn red when bike riders are approaching, forcing drivers to wait.

La Trobe Street is one of Melbourne's busiest riding routes because of its physical protection from the adjacent car lane, however there can be conflict at points where cars cross the bike lane.

The Melbourne Central car park has been a particularly tricky spot, with rumble strips previously installed to slow riders. The new alert systems should be more effective and stop the actual trouble makers.

Digital warning signs will also be stuck up in Carlton on Rathdowne Street at the intersection of Pelham Street and on Berkeley Street at the Queensberry Street intersection, both nice little cut-throughs for riders coming from Royal Parade. Green paint will also be aplenty.

The Black Spot program is used to address trouble spots with a history of crashes and dishes out cash to councils who make proposals to the federal government.

City of Melbourne is not the only beneficiary this year, with Kingston council also receiving funding to make Station Street near Aspendale station better for bikes.

Linemarking, rumble strips and green surface treatment will be used in an area where on-street car park spaces can cause conflict between cars and bikes. An advanced bicycle detector will also be installed.

Other projects to receive funding include many linemarking, speed limit and green paint treatments in suburban areas.

The section of La Trobe Street in Melbourne's legal precinct that is set to be improved with digital alert systems.

2020–21 Black Spot Program

Projects in Victoria that include improvements for bikes.

La Trobe Street, Melbourne
Park Street intersection

Install electronic warning signs and light up coloured markers that alerts vehicles turning left into Park Street that cyclists are approaching and to give way.

Cost: $148,000

Entrance to Melbourne Central carpark

Install electronic warning signs and light up coloured markers, triggered by approaching cyclists. Additional loop that calls red for drivers exiting carpark when cyclists approach and when queuing across the keep clear. Extend keep clear.

Cost: $254,000

Rathdowne Street, Carlton
Pelham Street intersection

Install electronic warning signs that alerts vehicles turning right into Pelham Street and vehicles turning left into Rathdowne Street that cyclists are approaching. Refresh green surface treatment on bike lane across intersection.

Cost: $143,000

Berkeley Street, Carlton
Queensberry Street intersection

Install electronic sign on mini mast arm and install light up coloured markers that alerts vehicles turning left that cyclists are approaching. Install green surface treatment within bicycle lane across intersection on both sides of intersection.

Cost: $161,000

Dawson Street, Brunswick West
Moule Street intersection

Install green bicycle lane treatment on southern bicycle lane on Dawson Street, bicycle symbol markings and a 'Watch for Cyclists' sign on Moule Street on approach to the intersection.

Cost: $8,000

Station Street, Aspendale
From Robertson Parade to Lincoln Parade

Install advanced bicycle detector, relocate and install signage, provide line-marked buffer zone, install audio tactile line marking, provide green bicycle surface overlay, implement “Keep Clear” linemarking.

Cost: $107,000

Mason Street, Altona North
Between Millers Road and Melbourne Road

Reduce speed limit to 50 km/h with reduced traffic lane widths and buffer linemarking, install four C-roundabouts, apply green pavement to bicycle lane, install ESLS, kerb outstands, cyclist bypass lane at roundabout, install flashing zebra crossing.

Cost: $1,799,000

Barwon Heads Road, Belmont
Mount Pleasant Road intersection

Upgrade/add lighting, extend and widen left turn slot, change Give Way to a Stop control, extend splitter island and advance holding line to edge of cycle lane, install Raised Reflective Pavement Markers, refresh line- marking and signs.

Cost: $158,000

Townsend Road, St Albans Park
Boundary Road intersection

Install flat top humps (Wombat Crossings) on Coppards Road and Townsend Road approaches to the intersection with cyclists warning signs. Install Sharrow Markings on approaches and refresh all line markings and signs.

Cost: $292,000

See the full list of Black Spot 2020-21 projects in Victoria

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